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One Direction Moments —-> The X Factor Finalists 2011 feat. JLS & One Direction 

Anonymous: *picks my phone up and laughs driving home* *when I get home I text you back* "but I think you do, and you wanted it as much as I did ;)" -Niall

"But no, tell me what you meant!! :( what did you want?"

Int: happy 21st! have a big celebration.

Niall: we’ll try.

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Niall talks about how he didn’t get to write much for the new album because of his knee surgery and Harry just wants to touch his scar.

Anonymous: Oh okay then *smirks* I will pick you up later yeah? Just text me when *winks and starts the engine* -Niall

Yeah, I will *smile and wave to you and go inside. Text you* “still don’t understand what I forgot :(“

Rose Bowl 9/11
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Vegas - 14/9/14

Anonymous: I think you know what your missing *smirks and raises my eyebrow* -Niall

Nah, I have absolutely no clue what you’re talking about *chuckle*

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Niall moaning about food on Radio One.


A really wasted looking Niall in Vegas last night (x)

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@irelandpunk: @julianbulian how does it feel to know half the one direction fandom thinks you and Niall were making out last night?
@julianbulian: @irelandpunk feels good
@Real_Liam_Payne : The new single is called Steal My Girl!  You can listen to it on 29th September
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