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Chicago, 30/08/14

Anonymous: Yeah of course we can always do what we done earlier. *places my hands on your cheeks making you look at me* hey you're not a slut, and if you were you'd only be my slut *winks and smiles* *leaning in to kiss you* -Niall

I’m fine with only being your slut then *smile and stroke your arm*. And you also have to know that I’m a virgin… So please tell me, if you’re not up for that, because then I rather know it now than later. *look down and play with my hands*


Where We Are Tour 2014 - St. Louis, MO 8/27/14

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Anonymous: Because I'm not having sex with you? You understand why we can't right? We will definitely have sex if you still want to see me later on, like in a couple months. I just wanna make it special you know? -Niall

You are too sweet, Niall. Of course I understand, I also think we should wait, but just understand that I like to fool around, like tease in a way and just having fun. *smile* you make me sound like a slut *laugh*

One Direction with bripriestas in Arlington (24.08.2014)

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arry texting on a fan’s phone

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Anonymous: *gets out dries myself and puts my boxers and sweats on* *walking into my bedroom* hey babe? You're not mad are you? *walking over to you picking you up a little and placing you on my lap so we can cuddle* -Niall

*put my arms around you, kiss your cheek and smile* no, would I be that?

New Jersey, 05/08/14

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